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Educational Management System (EMS) provides a simple interface for maintenance of different student, department, faculties, library and others information. All the colleges usually have a number of departments and educational modules such as courses, seminar hall, etc. Managing all these departments and other modules manually is a very difficult and hard, ineffective and expensive task. So here we propose an EMS system for college.

Srimad Andavan College EMS (SACEMS) system has all the information about the students, teachers, events, library, departments and other respected information. The system allows the admin to add students, faculties and any other events. Our system allows a faculty to enter or input student’s attendance into the database which can later be viewed by students and faculties. The students can view his/her attendance through a separate student login. The admin can upload the timetables for various departments for exam preparation. The time table is then available to be viewed by faculties and students on the web portal. These systems have easy user interface and have powerful data management system which makes this system is very useful.

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